Plant Trees. Commemorate Covid. Celebrate nature.

Call for Frodsham landowners to commemorate the coronavirus outbreak and celebrate the importance of nature with tree planting.

November marks the start of tree planting season, a time for the regeneration and rejuvenation of our environment. This year local landowners are being asked to plant trees to commemorate the outbreak of COVID-19 and those who have lost their lives, while celebrating the solace that so many people have found in nature.

Frodsham Root Network will be working with The Mersey Forest to identify sites for tree planting and make sure the right tree goes in the right place. The Mersey Forest will provide saplings free of charge.


Will Moran, from Townfield Lane Allotments in Frodsham said “We have applied for five oak tree saplings from Save The Oaks. A symbol of strength and endurance, it seems a particularly fitting tree to plant at the moment. These are for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”


Sian Day, from Frodsham Root Network said, “This year has been so difficult for so many people, we hope that tree planting will bring some much needed positivity. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to dominate nearly every aspect of our lives, the comfort we find in nature is more important than ever. Whether you have space for a couple of trees or want to create a woodland, we’d love to hear from you.”


For larger tree planting schemes, The Mersey Forest will be able to provide support with environmental impact assessment, scheme design and applying for funds where available. 


To register your interest in planting trees, contact Sian Day, Frodsham Root Network on or call 07789 791495.


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